Bomb Threat

Immediate response is necessary with a threat of an alleged placement of a bomb or other explosive.

When receiving a threat immediately contact Carilion Police at 540-981-7911 or 77911 from an in-house phone.

Attempt to gain as much information as possible from the individual concerning:

  • The location of the bomb
  • The time of detonation
  • Document the telephone number the call is coming from if possible
  • Be alert to background noises

Attempt to write the exact wording of the threat and ask the caller to repeat if necessary.

Note any distinguishing voice characteristics of the caller.

If the threat is received electronically, save the message and print if possible.

If received in person, get a physical description and direction of travel.

Do not handle any threat received by paper or note.

If a note is found, do not handle any items within the immediate area.

Complete a Carilion Clinic Police Bomb Threat Checklist form here.

Carilion Police Dispatch shall immediately dispatch a police officer to the location where the threat was received. If the threat was received off campus property, the dispatcher will notify the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Any suspicious items shall be reported the Carilion Police.

College personnel may be utilized to search their areas at the direction of emergency and law enforcement authorities.