Certificate in Medical Practice Management

Degree Awarded: 
Undergraduate Certificate

To see Jefferson College of Health Sciences Catalog, with the Medical Practice Management section beginning on page 112, click here.

The Certificate in Medical Practice Management is designed to offer core practice management content to healthcare clinicians and other healthcare professionals who hold an accredited Associate’s degree and wish to earn 21 hours of credit. Previous work experience in a group practice is recommended but not required. Students who later elect to enroll in the Bachelor's degree program in Healthcare Management may be eligible to apply credits from this certificate toward their degree. The Certificate in Medical Practice Management is taught in a learning environment where students with management and professional experience can supplement their existing practical knowledge with new theoretical knowledge. The certificate is set up as a part-time plan of study and 100% online.

The certificate program prepares individuals for a variety of administrative positions in the field of group practice management, and provides a foundation of knowledge essential for understanding the functioning of medical practice organizations in the United States. It incorporates competency areas necessary for certification by the American College of Medical Practice Executives.

Other Information: 
Recommended Program of Study*
Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
Year One - Fall Semester
HCM 430 Managerial Communications 3
HCM 442 Healthcare Revenue, Expense & Reimbursement 4
Year One - Spring Semester
HCM 411 Healthcare Quality Management 4
HCM 460 Healthcare Operations Management 3
Year One - Summer Semester
HCM 325 Health Information Management 3
HCM 330 Human Resource Management in Healthcare 4

* Please note that students may begin this certificate program in fall, spring or summer semesters.