Doctor of Health Sciences

Degree Awarded: 
Doctoral Degree
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An Online Program to Help You Take the Next Step in Your Career

Program Mission: 

The Jefferson College of Health Sciences Doctor of Health Sciences’ (DHSc) online program is an interprofessional degree program uniquely designed to provide for the academic and professional development of a wide range of healthcare professionals. The curriculum delivers the diverse body of knowledge that is necessary to excel in today’s constantly changing healthcare system. It prepares graduates to evaluate, manage, and implement improvements in the current healthcare system and to be prepared to seek employment opportunities in an academic, clinical or management setting.

Program Goals Intro: 

Upon completion of the DHSc program, graduates will be able to:

Program Goals: 
  • Evaluate, synthesize, and apply an integrative approach to solving healthcare problems.
  • Analyze and assess strategies to influence public policy related to healthcare.
  • Use community health assessment to develop strategies to improve the health of our communities.
  • Pursue a scholarly activity in an emphasis area that is suitable for dissemination to a peer-reviewed venue.
Admission Requirements: 

The following requirements for admission to the DHSc program are in addition to the requirements for admission to the Jefferson College of Health Sciences School of Graduate & Professional Studies.

  • Complete and submit online application.
  • A master’s degree awarded by a regionally accredited institution in the field of healthcare, public health, education, management, or other health-related discipline.
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.3 or better (on a 4-point scale) for all graduate degrees.
  • Personal essay of approximately 400-600 words describing how this program will enhance the applicant's academic and/or professional career goals.
  • Current resume/CV documenting professional experience and educational achievements.
  • Official transcripts from all institutions attended.
  • Online interview required for all eligible applicants being considered for acceptance.
  • A master's level statistics course, plus a master or doctoral level research methods or equivalent course.
  • Preferred 3 years experience working and/or teaching as a(an):
    • professional clinician
    • public health practitioner
    • educator in a health-related field or healthcare administration
    • healthcare manager/administrator
Other Information: 
Course Format

Courses are offered as online classes, supported by synchronous and asynchronous technology resources. Full-time students will take two to three courses per semester for a minimum of seven semesters.

Transfer Credits

The number of transfer credits is determined by each program on a case-by-case basis. Up to 12 semester credits will be considered for transfer.  Only doctoral-level courses will be considered for transfer.

Transfer credits are subject to the following conditions:

  • Courses must be comparable to Jefferson College of Health Sciences course requirements or be acceptable as appropriate for the student’s program of study.
  • Courses must have been completed at a regionally accredited institution within the prior five calendar years.
  • Transfer credit is not allowed for a course counted towards completion of a graduate degree program at another institution.
  • Any courses proposed for transfer credit, whether taken before or after admission to Jefferson College of Health Sciences, must have the approval of the Program Director and Registrar.

Application for the transfer of credit completed at international institutions must be evaluated by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) or the World Educational Service (WES) before submission to the Program Director and the Registrar.


Tuition Assistance

The Financial Aid Office at Jefferson College assists students in identifying all financial resources available to help you realize educational and career goals. Financial aid is available through public and private funding for eligible students. Prospective students are strongly encouraged to discuss their financial needs with the Financial Aid Office by calling (540) 985-8267.

Doctor of Health Sciences Plan of Study

Core Curriculum and Tracks

Prefix Course Title Credits
HA 620 Strategic Healthcare Economics and Policy 3
IDS 705 Professional Communication in Health Sciences 3
HSC 700 Research Methods for Health Sciences 3
HCS 701 Health Information Technology 3
HSC 740 Global Epidemiological Health Issues 3
HCS 750 Cultural Competency 3
HSC 850 Capstone I-Special Projects 3
HSC 860 Capstone II-Special Projects 3
ELE ELE Electives 700 above 9
Track Track (Administration, Community Health or Education) 9
  Total Credits 42

Administration Track Courses

Prefix Course Title Credits
HSC 721 Health Care Ethics & The Law 3
HSC 820 Risk and Safety Management in Healthcare 3
HSC 830 Organizational Leadership in Healthcare 3
  Total Credits 9

Community Health Track Courses

Prefix Course Title Credits
HSC 702 Community and Public Health Promotion 3
HSC 810 Occupational and Environmental Health 3
HSC 810 Community Health Assessment and Management 3
  Total Credits 9

Education Track Courses

Prefix Course Title Credits
HSC 715 Educational Theories and Policies 3
HSC 825 Curriculum Development and Design 3
HSC 840 Healthcare Education 3
  Total Credits 9