Meet the Team


Meet the Team

The VOICE (Violence Can End) Prevention Task Force consists of the following:

  • VOICE Project Coordinator
Sarah Higginbotham
  • College President
Nathaniel L. Bishop
  • Dean of Academic Affairs
Lisa Allison-Jones
  • Dean for Administrative Services
Anna Millirons
  • Dean for Student Affairs 
Scott Hill
  • Director of Counseling & Wellness
Stacey Lilley
  • Director of Faculty Development & Interprofessional Education
Danielle Lusk
  • Assistant Director of Student Life 
    and Ressidential Living 
Elizabeth Costa
  • Physical Plant/Safety Officer
Susan Booth
  • Director of Carilion Police
Steve Lugar
  • Director of Carilion Security
Ed Watkins
  • Chief of Police, City of Roanoke 
    Police Department
Chris Perkins
  • Coordinator of Development and 
    Alumni Relations
Christina Hatch
  • Director of Admissions
Judith McKeon
  • Director of the JCHS Library
Ramona Thiss
  • Chair of Student Senate
  • Staff Representative
Danna Dudding
  • Faculty Representatives
         Physician Assistant  
         Humanities and Social Sciences

  Melody Sharp Patricia Airey JC Cook
Paula Prince
  • Residence Life Paraprofessional Staff
Kirsten Harrell Chris Gaites
Ally Thompson
  • Coordinator of Student Life
Zac Widner
  • Coordinator of Communications  
Mark Lambert
  • Director of Counseling and Wellness
Stacey Lilley
  • City of Roanoke Police Representatives
Pamela Gold
Tammy Carmichael

  • SARA Program Representatives

Teresa Berry
Karen Bailey


  • CRMH Forensic Nurse Examiner

Jennifer Bath


  • Director, TAP-Sabrina's Place
Annette Lewis
  • Director, TAP Women's Resource Center
Ellen Brown
  • Director,Turning Point
Darlene Young
  • Program Manager, Family Services of the Roanoke Valley
Sterling L. McLaughlin
  • Pastoral Care Director/Chaplain
Richard Brown
  • CRMH Forensic Nurse Examiner
Melissa Ratcliff-Harper
  • Director, Local Colors

Pearl Fu

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