Library Workshops

Librarians at Lunchtime Workshop Series Join us every other Thursday at 12 p.m. in Room 501.

The Librarians at  Lunchtime Workshop Series is a free program of workshops available to all Jefferson College students, faculty, and staff. Each series explores a range of subjects that contributes to academic success at Jefferson College. The Workshops are held every other Thursday from 12 - 1 p.m. in CRCH Room 501 with FREE lunch provided for the first 10 students at each workshop!

For more information about Librarians at Lunchtime Workshops, please contact Jamie Price (, 540-224-4894) or Mary Catherine Santoro (, 540-985-8485)

Librarians @ Lunchtime

8/31 What Does THAT Mean?
What makes research "original"? Is this a case study or a cohort study? Learn about the way we talk about research.

9/21 Don't Go Down the Rabbit Hole
Finding, evaluating, and selecting online sources without getting lured off the path.

9/28 Monkeys with Typewriters
Where does all the stuff on Wikipedia come from? And is it ever a good idea to use it?

10/12 It's Dangerous to Go Alone!
Staying safe and protecting your identity (and reputation) online.

10/26 Smoke and Mirrors
An introduction to presentation skills. Because it's not just what you say, it's also how you say it.

11/9 Dusting for Prints
What is Evidence-Based Practice? Why is it important? And how will you know it when you see it?


Faculty Information

Please consider encouraging your students to attend workshops, particularly those related to skills students could use in order to be successful in your classes. Please let us know if you have questions about this semester's topics or ideas for future workshops!