Mascot Information

JCHS Mascot

The Jefferson College of Health Sciences’ Mascot
Jeff, the Blue Healer

The Jefferson College of Health Sciences mascot was created in 2007. Prior to its implementation, a contest was held campus-wide during which students, faculty and staff were invited to submit ideas for a mascot.

The winning concept was submitted by Lisa Ferguson, then a student in the Nursing Program (see Lisa's picture below). Lisa suggested that the mascot be a Saint Bernard—an animal with significant connections to medicine and healthcare.

The mascot then underwent some last minute polishing and was introduced at the College’s first annual Spirit Day event in January 2008 as Jeff, the Blue Healer.

At the same time, the official mascot logo was introduced with a graphic version of Jeff sprinting over the words, “Jefferson Blue Healers.” (See above.)

The name of our mascot pays homage to several significant aspects of Jefferson College. His primary name, “Jeff,” is a shortened version of Jefferson, creating a link between the mascot and the school he represents.

“Blue Healers” is a play on words, with “Blue” referring to one of the College’s school colors, and “Healers” referring to the primary function of the healthcare provider—to heal those in need.

Today, you can find Jeff in many places around the Jefferson College campus. His graphic version can be found on the walls of the Jefferson College Student Union “The Dog House” (named in honor of Jeff) and in the Fitness Center, both of which are located at Carilion Roanoke Community Hospital. In addition, Jeff adorns many items in the Bookstore.

Jeff also appears in person at many events on campus and in the Roanoke area. Keep an eye out for him at the next Jefferson College event!

Mascot credits: concept submitted by Lisa Ferguson, R.N.; name, graphic design and implementation by Mark Lambert.