Humanities and Social Sciences

A Holistic Ideal of Health and Human Proportion, Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man
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About the Humanities and Social Sciences Program

The Humanities and Social Sciences Program continues to develop excellent academic programs while producing high quality scholarship related to healthcare in the humanities, social science, and bioethics.

We provide courses in philosophy, social science, literature, religion, and interdisciplinary studies. Our courses develop the skills of reading, writing, critical thinking, and speaking that are necessary for problem-solving, communicating effectively in the workplace, and interacting with people from all walks of life. 

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Minor in Healthcare Humanities

The Humanities and Social Sciences Program at Jefferson College currently offers a minor in Healthcare Humanities. It consists of a minimum of 15 credit hours total, 12 of which must be earned at Jefferson.

Two required courses:

  • HUM 201 The Experience of Illness  
  • PHL 215 Bioethics  

In addition to the two required courses, students will complete at least 9 credit hours from any of the following 3 credit-hour classes:

  • ENG 301 Women’s Studies in Literature and Culture
  • SOC 340 Appalachian Health and Culture  
  • SOC 301 Race and Ethnicity in Healthcare
  • HUM 308 Critical Thinking
  • PHL 320 World Religions  
  • IDS 372/NSG 372 Spirituality in Healthcare

We are also excited to announce a new Graduate Certificate in Bioethics

The Graduate Certificate in Bioethics is offered jointly by JCHS and Radford University. All of the four courses in this 12 credit-hour program are hybrid courses, consisting of online delivery plus two required Saturday sessions on campus. 

Requirements for the Certificate

  • ETH 510: Advanced Bioethics
  • ETH 520: Organizational Leadership in Bioethics
  • ETHC 630: Emerging Trends in Bioethics
  • ETHC 640: Cultural Perspectives in Bioethics