Public Complaint Process

Public Complaints

Thank you for visiting this webpage on the Jefferson College of Health Sciences website. Jefferson College takes complaints seriously. The college will work to ensure that your complaint is managed in a professional manner and to incorporate knowledge of your experiences into planning to improve operations.

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Who can complain? 

Any member of the public, or any employee or student whose complaint arises outside of established grievance procedures. 

What is a complaint? 

A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction made to the College, in relation to the College, or its complaints handling process, where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected.

What is expected of me? 

The more information you provide, the easier it will be to manage your complaint.  It is important when making a complaint

  • To provide your name and contact details - letting us know the best way to contact you
  • A description of what occurred with any of the following information that you can provide
    • Name of the person or section of the College that is the subject of your complaint
    • When it happened (time and date if possible)
    • Where it happened
    • What happened - be as specific as possible
  • What you hope the outcome of your complaint will be  

How can I make a complaint? 

  • By letter at:
    Administration Attention: Feedback
    Jefferson College of Health Sciences
    101 Elm Avenue
    Roanoke, VA  24031
  • By e-mail at

What happens after I have made a complaint? 

You will receive written advice of the decisions about your complaint including:

  • An explanation of why the event occurred that caused you to complain
  • If relevant, an appropriate acknowledgement that mistakes have been made by the College personnel or procedures
  • How each of the concerns raised in your complaint has been addressed
  • We may recommend conciliation or mediation to reach a mutually acceptable resolution

Keeping documents All documents relating to your complaint will be registered and kept in the College’s Administrative Office.  It will only be accessible by personnel directly involved in handling your complaint.   Your privacy
The College will not make available to a third party any personal information supplied by you unless required or permitted by law.  This may also occur where you have consented to the disclosure.

Who can I contact if I have a complaint? 

We encourage you to raise your complaint in the first instance with the person concerned. This is appropriate where you feel comfortable with making a direct approach.If you feel that you cannot do this or do not feel like the situation was satisfactorily resolved, please contact: 

Administration Attention: Feedback
Jefferson College of Health Sciences
101 Elm Avenue
Roanoke, VA 24031