JCHS Physician Assistant Students Volunteer for "1,000 Homes for 1,000 Virginians" Project

Tuesday, January 01 2013

For the second year in a row, the JCHS Physician Assistant Program first-year students volunteered with for the "1,000 Homes for 1,000 Virginians Project" in January 2013. The project is a statewide initiative, led by the Virginia Coalition to End Homelessness, to house the 1,000 of the most vulnerable Virginians cycling between the streets, emergency shelters, hospital emergency rooms, jails and prisons.
The students volunteered to survey the Roanoke area homeless population to obtain better information regarding the vulnerability of this group. The volunteers canvassed the streets of Roanoke City in the early morning hours before sunrise, completing the surveys with the homeless, and providing them with McDonald's food cards, donated gloves, hats, scarves, hand-warmers and socks. The PA class was also instrumental in collecting the donated food cards and clothing accessories. The PA students joined Roanoke’s Human Services Coordinator, the Homeless Assistance Team of the City of Roanoke, individuals from the Salem Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and the Roanoke City Police to help with this endeavor. The survey will help bring more resources to the homeless population.