Hazardous Material Spill

Any substance should be considered a hazard if it poses health, life or safety risk when released from its containment.

Contact Carilion Police to notify the Haz-Mat Team.

Stay away from the immediate area and do not approach anyone unless specifically directed by a Haz-Mat Team member.

An incidental spill of a hazardous material which does not pose a significant safety or health risk in the immediate area, nor has the potential to become an emergency within a short time frame, may be safely cleaned by personnel familiar with the hazards of the chemicals in which they work.

Consult the Safety Data Sheet if in doubt of precautions.

Have anyone who may have been exposed or becomes ill to complete an Event Report and report to Employee Health or the Emergency Department.

For spills that exceed internal response capability, local Fire/EMS shall be notified.

Follow instructions from authorities.